Thursday, 11 February 2010

Well after what seems like an eternity my Art Deco and Art Nouveau ladies are back in stock. They have been available as sets and multibuys for some time now but as of tomorrow (or tonight if the kids leave me alone for 5 minutes) they will be available as individual images. I have been asked for this a lot recently so decided I would try it. Accordingly there are not many individual images available. I may make more available it if proves to be popular.

I guess you want to see what I'm waffling about?

Art Deco Set 1

Art Deco Set 2
Art Nouveau Set 1
Art Nouveau Set 2
I think I have them the right way round, lol.

For those of you that love the dragons I have used recently, I am also expecting a delivery of those shortly, together with just about everything else that's out of stock.

Thanks for looking........oh, the link to the store is on the right.

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