Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Thank You Notes

I do hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and if you are out celebrating tomorrow night be careful and don't get too drunk. In any event, Happy New Year to you all.

As a child I was terrible at writing thank you noted after Christmas. Despite being bought numerous stationery sets the letters never actually made it to the post box. So, as a mother I always make sure that my boys send their thank you notes. As a crafter, I love to make them.

I made the following using the Jungle theme plates again, specifically Monkeying Around. Well, I have 2 monkeys of my own..........

I couldn't decide whether to colour them in Promarkers (left) or Twinks (right), so I did one of each and put it to the family vote. Here they are side by side. The boys decided that the Twinks looked better, so the rest were coloured that way.

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  1. Love them Beckie!! and its a lovely way for your boys to say thankyou